Rose Pop Up Card

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Unveil a bouquet of everlasting affection with our 'Eternal Blooms of Love' 3D Pop-Up Card. This exquisite card blossoms into a vibrant basket of roses upon opening, showcasing a variety of deep reds and delicate pinks that symbolise the full spectrum of love. Woven with precision, each petal and leaf exemplifies the craftsmanship of our paper art, creating a three-dimensional floral arrangement that promises to never wilt.

Accented with a charming woven handle and petite decorative bow, the front of the card is a soft pink adorned with a laser-cut heart, amplifying the romantic sentiment.

Presented on a complementary blush-toned canvas, this card, measuring 15x15 cm when closed, is a work of art that extends beyond the ordinary, providing an enchanting display piece that captures the essence of Valentine's Day. Ready to enchant your loved one and perfect for expressing the timeless beauty of your affection, it comes with a coordinating envelope to complete the heartfelt gesture.