Blooming Hearts Balloon Bouquet Pop-Up Card

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This delightful pop-up card bursts with love and charm, a perfect way to convey heartfelt messages on any special occasion. Closed, it measures a convenient 15x15 cm, but once opened, it transforms into a beautiful three-dimensional display.

Upon unveiling, the card reveals a central bouquet of vibrant red and pink hearts that appear to be blooming from a cluster of clouds, symbolizing love in full bloom. These hearts are cleverly designed to create a larger heart shape in the center, further enhancing the theme of love and togetherness. Flanked by lush, smaller heart-shaped balloons, the scene is both dynamic and tender.

The background of the card features a soft blue sky with the phrase "I ♥ U" spelled out in bold, floating letters, with the heart as a buoyant balloon, adding a playful touch to the message. This whimsical detail adds depth and a touch of whimsy to the already enchanting scene.

Included with the card is a perfectly fitted envelope for a beautiful presentation and a separate note card for a personalised message. This card is ideal for anyone looking to make a loving statement, from Valentine's Day and anniversaries to just a sweet surprise for someone special. It's a memorable piece that will leave a lasting impression of affection and thoughtfulness.