Charming Red Tractor 3D Pop Up Card - A Farm Themed Celebration for Birthdays and Father's Day, Featuring Sheep and Windmill - Ideal for Countryside Enthusiasts and Tractor Fans

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🚜🐑🌾 Step into the idyllic world of the countryside with our captivating Red Tractor Pop Up Card! Showcasing a radiant red tractor on the front cover, accompanied by a pair of cheerful sheep and a quaint windmill providing a scenic backdrop. This works as a perfect Windmill Greeting Card or a heartwarming Birthday Card with Sheep.

🎉 Upon opening, you're treated to a 3D pop-up scene that brings the rustic charm of a farm to life, complete with the red tractor, happily grazing sheep, and the same delightful windmill. This Unique Farm Birthday Card or Father's Day Farm Card delivers a unique and enchanting surprise for the recipient.

✍️💌 Each card offers a blank interior, inviting you to scribe your personalised message. Accompanied by a complementary envelope, it smoothly transitions into a gift-card combo for the perfect present.

📐 Card Specifications: The card measures 20cm x 15cm when folded.

Whether it's for birthdays, Father's Day, or just a token of love for someone who relishes the serenity of the countryside, this card fits every occasion. It's more than a card - it's a slice of country life brought to your fingertips! Especially ideal as a Father's Day Card for Tractor Lovers or a unique 3D Farm Scene Birthday Card.